Steve Archer

 Steve Archer, Architectural Designer, Tauranga, New Zealand: Cygnicon is a powerful and well designed tool suitable for professional architectural use. It carries a lot of designing power for its price. Plus the software is in modular form, so it is possible to start with the basic version and slowly build it up. Cygnicon should be taken seriously as professional quality architectural Software.

It is an excellent tool for developing ideas. For example, multiple copies of a building can be produced, each one showing a different concept, and all in same project file.

It is also great for presenting ideas and developments to clients. They can be shown the 3d models, floor plans, elevations of their buildings, without a page being printed. Changes can easily made to the structure or the finishes in live sessions with clients so that they can see the results immediately

Cygnicon has all the standard architectural CAD functions such as the auto joining of walls, auto insertion of doors and windows and automatic roof construction. There is a huge choice of shapes, sizes and styles of doors and windows, as well as the door and window construction module, where joinery units can be custom built.

There is also a reasonable range of standard 2D CAD tools for producing separate details and for embellishing the various 2D views. 2D drawing is made easy with various clever construction aids and snapping functionality.

With Version 3 the extremely versatile and robust 3d modeling module has been introduced. High level transformation tools are available, such as extrude, revolve, sweep and all the boolean operations for combining 3d constructions.   These constructions compliment the standard building objects, like walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs. The tools provide a high degree of modeling freedom which could not easily be achieved using standard building components. Amazingly, these 3d objects can be significantly edited after construction: shapes and sizes of the original profiles can be altered and boolean operations can be reversed for easy editing of the objects.

Cygnicon ships with a wide selection of high quality 3d objects, like furniture, household objects,  kitchen and bathroom fittings, including a range of models of  branded products. Also, extensive 3D collections can be purchased at small cost.

A range of on-screen rendering qualities is available, including high quality with reflections and shadows. Sophisticated lighting capabilities are available and individual controllable lights can also be placed within the model. A variety of image types can be produced including impressive ray-traced images.

Al types of architectural 2D drawings (plans, elevations, sections, details) can be produced more or less automatically and easily laid out on sheets for printing.


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