Visual Building Ltd is our partner for english Versions. contains a huge amount of additional information, Training videos and a forum.

Visual Building Ltd’s mission is to provide software tools that we like to use. We believe that designing a building is a serious matter, but can also be enjoyable, and we want to enhance both the serious tasks together with the enjoyable aspects.

We all have experienced how using complex software detracts from the enjoyment when even the simplest task cannot be easily achieved, and so it is important that our software is easy to learn and use, irrespective of previous experience. We want to deliver affordable software tools that are within reach of all and useable by everyone. Visual Building Ltd is proud to achieve this via the support it provides free to its customers, in the form of the popular user forum, online training documentation and video tutorials.

SoliCAD, s.r.o. is our partner supporting and distributing CygniCon products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and developing CygniCon products in Czech language. 
SoliCAD, s.r.o. is an engineering office, CAD/CAM/PLM solution supplier and high-tech and robotics provider.
Our customers are companies and people from all technical branches, e.g. mechanical engineers, architectects, builders, electricians, HVAC engineers 

With our programmes we cover the whole life cycle of a product manufacturing from the concepts in the CAD softwares and their calculations using the finite element method, to the preparation of the manufacturing the NC program with CAM software. We also provide professional 3D scanners with softwares for reverse engineering. We implement and construct the robotic workstations including the simulation of robotic workstations and optimalization of the production processes.

  • SoliCAD, s.r.o. Na Bučance 1289/9  , 140 00 Praha 4
  • fon: +420 224 248 581
  • web:

France: New Partner: web page and content to follow.

Generell beinhalten die CygniCon Pakete folgende Sprachen für die Benutzeroberfläche:

  • Deutsch
  • Niederländisch
  • Spanisch
  • Italienisch
  • Slowakisch
  • Ungarisch
  • Polnisch
  • Russisch
  • Englisch
  • Französisch
  • Tschechisch  (nicht standardmäßig enthalten, nur über unseren Partner SoliCAD)
  • Türkisch  (demnächst verfügbar)


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